Proper Conditions For Storing Chemical Hoses

Hoses used for chemical material transfers and movement are normally very durable, but even they need to be stored properly. This is especially true for hoses that are going into storage for a long time because lack of use -- keeping the hose in the same spot and position, with no one seeing it for extended periods -- can accelerate normal deterioration.

Clean and Dry

Those hoses have to be clean and dry before putting them away. Don't assume that because there are no visible drops of water, for example, that the hose is ready. You must be sure the interior of the hose is dry as well because you don't want moisture sitting in a dark storage area to form mildew. You may have to let the hose air-dry for a while to be sure.

Shaded From Sunlight

Like other rubber and plastic products, chemical hoses can deteriorate in harsh sunlight. All storage has to be in relatively dark areas that are protected from direct sunlight. That doesn't mean that the storage room can't have a window, but any light coming in that window shouldn't land on the stored hose for a long time. Otherwise, the hose material can fade and dry out, leading to more cracks and less flexibility.

Reeled In

Longer hoses should be stored on reels. The reels not only keep the hoses from becoming tangled, but they make the hoses easier to store in bulk. Hollow reels can hang or rest on racks, while solid reels can be stacked without crushing the hoses. The reels also make it easier to move the hoses without having to struggle with a mess of material that won't stay organized.

Environmental Conditions

In addition to protecting the material from direct sun, humidity has to be moderate -- too much humidity leads to mold and too little leads to brittle hose material -- and the temperature has to be controlled. The ranges you need will vary from material to material, but in general, you don't want the hoses left in freezing temperatures or in very hot rooms for a long time. The more extreme those conditions are, the shorter the hoses' life spans can be because the hose material can warp, crack, and rot after a while.

Proper storage helps hoses last as long as possible given the other conditions they face when in use. Take your time investigating which hoses to use so that you see what the specific storage conditions have to be. Contact a company, like Specialties  Company- Freeport, for more help.