Planning For Your Office: 3 Common Furniture Mistakes To Avoid

Investing in new furniture for your office takes a lot of careful planning. Your office layout is going to depend highly on where you put your furniture, the size of your furniture, and your furniture's shape. Here are some mistakes that are frequently made when purchasing furniture for a new office layout. 

1. Not Thinking About Cord Management

Cords are a reality of office life. From phone cards to Internet cords, cord management is critical when dealing with desks, cubicles, and workstations. Plot out the layout of your office and figure out where the cords and outlets are going to go before you figure out where the furniture will be.

A layout has to include outlets because the last thing you want to do is accidentally block off the only outlets you have in your office. Desks that have side walls or front walls could end up leaving you without direct access to power, telephone, or cable.

2. Getting the Wrong Size

When you place furniture in your office, you need to give your office room to breathe. Buying furniture that's too large will make the room look small and make it difficult to navigate. Buying furniture that's too small will make your office seem shapeless and empty.

You can figure out the right size of your furniture with a roll of painter's tape. Take the measurements of the furniture you want to buy and then lay it out on the floor using the tape. This will give you a better picture of where exactly the furniture is going to go in the room, letting you adjust your new office layout as needed. 

3. Not Testing It Out First

Many offices have become accustomed to purchasing things online. When it comes to furniture, this can be dangerous. Not only can furniture be far more uncomfortable in person, but it can also look different in your office than you expected. Little things such as the color of the wood or the angle at which you sit can change the appearance and comfort of your furniture. More to the point, returning and replacing furniture can be expensive and time-consuming.

Before you invest in new furniture, you may want to connect with an office furniture store so you can test out the furniture you want. Buying items in a set can save you money, in addition to giving you the opportunity to test out your comfort. Contact a company like D&R Office Works, Inc. for more information and assistance.