3 Valuable Features For A New Online Guitar Magazine

If you're an avid guitar player, a competent writer, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you might wish to combine these interests and launch your own online guitar magazine. Many people successfully launch online magazines to avoid the hassle and cost of a printed product — as well as cater to the fact that many readers today enjoy diving into their favorite content online, rather than in print. Good quality content and an active social media presence can help readers find you, and one idea to consider is to have recurring features in every issue. Here are three specific features that your readers will find valuable.

1. Gear Reviews

Guitar players are passionate about their gear, so making sure that you review some of the latest products and share your findings will be important. When you build a significant following, you may be able to get guitar gear companies to send you products to review. For now, though, just head to your local guitar shop to test a few pieces of gear out. Reviewing a new guitar, amplifier, and a couple of effect pedals in each edition of your online guitar magazine can provide value for your readers and make them eager to return to your website to look for future reviews.

2. Riff Lessons

Those who read guitar magazines are often looking to improve their aptitude with the instrument, so you should have some lessons. If it's too difficult to focus on teaching entire songs, develop a niche for yourself by teaching specific riffs. Don't focus on the highly popular guitar riffs for which people can find lessons on many sites. Instead, consider engaging with your early readers and followers and ask them to suggest riffs that you can break down. This type of engagement can make people into loyal readers of your guitar magazine.

3. Player Interviews

You'll also want to have one or more guitar player interviews in each edition of your online guitar magazine. Don't be afraid to start modestly by looking for local bands in your area, and then build up to requesting interviews with people who are more widely known. Readers will get enjoyment and value out of reading interviews with guitar players, even if they're not well known. To truly be a guitar magazine, the content of your interviews should focus on guitar topics — for example, get each guitar player to give an overview of his or her instruments and amplifiers.

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