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Important Packing Supplies That Make Packing For Your Move Much Easier

When you're preparing for a move, you'll need to stock up on packing supplies. You may be surprised at the amount you need, but you don't want to cut corners on supplies or your things may be damaged in transit. Here's a look at some supplies you may want to buy.

Sturdy Boxes

You can probably get boxes for free from your local grocery store, but those are not good options for moving since the boxes might not be sturdy. A box made for holding light chips or boxed foods may not be strong enough to hold heavy kitchen supplies. Plus when you grab used boxes, they are in a variety of sizes which makes stacking them difficult. Buy packing or moving boxes instead. These are made to handle heavier objects and they are a uniform size. Boxes for books are usually small and rigid while boxes for fragile items may have a corrugated liner inside to offer protection.

Packing Paper And Air Pillows

Packing paper is essential for wrapping things like dishes, glasses, and lamps. The paper prevents scratches and other damage. Packing paper takes the place of old newspapers that can transfer ink to your goods. Just wrap each dish in a few layers of paper and they won't bump against each other when they're on the moving truck. Stuff wads of paper inside of glasses and in voids in the boxes. By filling in empty spaces in the boxes, the boxes are packed tight so your fragile items won't move around when the truck hits bumps in the road. Air pillows are also useful for filling voids and protecting fragile belongings. You could place air pillows on the bottom, sides, and tops of the boxes you fill with breakable items.

Packing Tape

Once you start packing boxes, you may find dealing with tape to be frustrating. You can eliminate most of the frustration by purchasing packing tape to seal the boxes. Packing tape has strong adhesive so the tops of the boxes won't pop up. Plus, the tape is easy to rip or you can cut it off with a serrated roller. Packing tape is easy to apply so it stays smooth and doesn't wrinkle up. It's also weather-resistant so you don't have to worry about the tape coming loose if you move in rainy or humid weather. Packing tape is also just the right width for sealing boxes. You can buy all kinds of tape, but you can save yourself a lot of trouble by purchasing packing tape that's made for sealing cardboard boxes.

One other important thing you'll need for packing is a good marker. As you pack your belongings, be sure to write the contents on the side of the box so you don't forget what's inside.

For more information, reach out to a packing supplies service.

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