Take Your Acting To Another Level By Finding A Body Movement Class

When most people think about acting classes, they imagine being in a room in which they practice reciting lines with other actors. There's little doubt that your ability to say your lines in a clear, accurate, and convincing manner can help you to succeed in auditions, but dialogue is only one area in which good actors excel. For you to make it as an actor, you also need to give some thought to how your body moves. Fortunately, there are acting classes that focus heavily on body movement. Pair this class with a dialogue class, and you'll be eagerly anticipating your next audition. Here are some emotions that you can learn to improve in this class.


Happiness can be difficult to portray during an audition. Even if you're saying lines that might indicate how happy your character is, the fact that you're feeling stressed during the audition can mean that you don't look happy. Body movement acting class can help you to effectively learn how to present several emotions in a physical manner, including happiness. There are all sorts of ways that happy people can look — for example, your body should appear relaxed, with your head held upward, and a warm smile on your face. These movements, paired with the right dialogue, can truly show you to be happy.


Anger is an emotion that people frequently feel, but being able to "turn it on" during an audition can often be a challenge. Think about certain movies or TV shows that you've recently seen and assess how angry certain characters may have appeared. It's one thing to yell and curse and make threats, but these words alone don't necessarily convince you of the person's anger. He or she must also use the right body movements to make it clear that anger is present. This can include leaning toward another person, appearing tense, and keeping your fists clenched.


Being sad on cue can also be difficult. When you attend an open audition, you'll sometimes see people feigning sadness through their words, but their bodies can betray them. Whether you're auditioning for a movie, TV show, or even a commercial, your ability to appear sad must be convincing. Otherwise, the scene may take on an inauthentic appearance. In your body movement acting classes, you'll learn how to position your body to appear guarded, for example, by pulling your shoulders inward and perhaps holding yourself with your arms.