2 Primary Features To Look For In Your Next Commercial Cooler

If you need to purchase a three-door commercial cooler, you want to make sure you invest in a cooler that has all the features you really need. There are lots of features you need to consider, but the two top features you need to consider is the material the cooler is made from and the quality of the insulation.

The Material

When you look at commercial coolers, the most important consideration is the material the cooler is made from. To get the strongest and most durable cooler, you are going to want to choose a cooler that is made with stainless steel on both the inside and the outside.

Don't purchase a cooler that has plastic racks inside of the fridge. Those plastic racks are not going to last as long as stainless steel racks and are more likely to break. Even aluminum racks are not a good choice. Aluminum racks are also more likely to break, and easier to scratch up, then their stainless steel counterparts.

Make sure the cooler your purchase is made from stainless steel inside and out, including the shelves. Your cooler is more likely to stand up to constant wear when it is made of high-quality material all-around.

The Insulation

Be sure to ask about the type of insulation used inside of the fridge. You can't see the insulation, as it is hidden within the walls, but the type of insulation maters. To start with, you want to choose a cooler that is made from heavy-duty foam. Heavy-duty foam is the thickest foam that can be installed in a cooler. You want the foam to be at least two inches thick to ensure maximum energy efficient properties.

How the insulation is installed also matters. The best foam installation method is foam-in-place. With this method, the foam was literally sprayed into the fridge, working from top to bottom. This helps create a really secure and tight seal that will not move around. The foam is literally attached to the stainless steel and sprayed in such a manner to ensure that every inch of the interior cavity is filled with foam.

Conversely, coolers that use foam blocks that are just placed into the slots in the cooler are usually not as energy-efficient or as high-quality. Foam blocks are usually a sign of a low-quality fridge.

When it comes to choosing the best cooler for your business, make sure the cooler is made completely out of stainless steel and contains heavy-duty foam that was sprayed in place. These two features will help ensure your cooler is strong, durable, and energy efficient.