Why Is It Important To Have A Transmission Tower Painted?

If you are the owner of a transmission tower, you may allow the structure to go for many years without a lot of aesthetic attention once it has been installed. However, having the transmission tower painted on a regular basis is actually something that is a good idea to do even though it requires attention. These towers may be located well away from most public areas, and they may not serve a purpose that has anything to do with appearances, but painting them is a good plan on occasion. Here is a look at some of the reasons it is important to have a transmission tower painted. 

An occasional coat of paint will protect the tower from the weather.

Transmission towers are created out of mostly steel components. Steel is a corrosive metal, and it can only take some much before it starts to deteriorate and break down. Being positioned high in the atmosphere already puts the tower in a prime position to come in contact with elements that can cause the steel to break down, but this structure is out in the wind, the rain, and the direct sunlight. Therefore, a good coat of paint on a regular basis is going to enhance the life span of the tower.

Having the tower painted can prevent issues with poor data transmission. 

Did you know that having an unpainted tower that is in bad shape could actually interfere with data transmission from your tower? If you think about the polymer-type paint that is used to coat these towers, you will understand why. These paints usually are formulated with rubber compounds, which means your metal tower will be getting a seal of plastic over all of that metal, and that alone can thwart problems with data interference from electrical static that is transmitting through the metal of the tower's parts. 

Coating the tower with new paint can thwart problems with pests. 

Imagine how easy it is for something like a squirrel to climb up a tall tower if all the paint is cracked, bubbly, and peeling. Their little paws can grasp at the metal structure far easier, which means they can make it to the working components on top of the tower and cause a lot of problems. A fresh paint application will involve sanding down all those rough spots and creating a slicker surface, so it will be far less likely that small critters can climb up to the top from the ground. 

To learn more, contact your local transmission tower painting service.