Custom Cabinet Designs For Your New Home’s Kitchen

If you would like to use a streamlined approach when designing your new home's kitchen, the cabinetry that you have installed may be one of your main areas of focus. Use some custom setup options that will supply you with ease of access and complementary features that will work well with the appliances and other items that are going to be added to the room.

Built-In Cabinetry For An Island

An island kitchen can make home cooking more appealing and will provide your loved ones and visitors with an area to sit while you are preparing a meal. Built-in cabinetry will place all of your staple ingredients and cookware within reach. Built-in cabinetry can include shelving and cubicles that each contain a hinged door or drawer.

If you are going to invest in an island that contains an overhang, designate the base of the island for one distinct cabinet type and the overhang for another. If the island will be tall, you may find it to be more useful to add tall cabinets to the bottom of the island and to use the storage space for heavy, large items, such as cookware. The top of the island can be reserved for shelving or pull drawers, which can be used to store spices, stemware, and other compact and lightweight items.

A Style That Supports A Line Of Symmetry

A dishwasher, open space that is under a sink, or a series of floor model appliances that contain many buttons and dials can provide your kitchen with a 'busy' atmosphere that is difficult to visually take in. If you have some items or features that you really would like to add to the kitchen but would like to keep the line of symmetry consistent, consider adding some faux cabinet panels along the bottom half of your countertops.

Decide upon how long the countertops will be and the various equipment that is being added to the space. Choose standard cabinets for regular storage and request that cabinet doors be added alongside of the cabinets to provide coverage for the front of the dishwasher or any other area that is not being used for standard storage purposes.

Metal That Matches Appliances

A stainless steel refrigerator and stove will give your kitchen a modern edge, and you may want to emphasize the color of the metal by adding cabinetry that contains a similar material. Choose grated metal cabinet doors or stainless steel cabinet frames and doors. The consistency that is used within the kitchen will be easy on the eyes and the metal surfaces will be durable and easy to clean.

Contact a company that sells custom kitchen cabinets to learn more.