2 Things You Should Not Do When Renting Portable Restrooms For Your Business

If you operate a business that often has employees work or customers visit outside, you may have decided to make things more convenient for everyone involved by renting portable restrooms. However, renting the restrooms involves more than simply having them delivered and placed in your desired location.

When you rent the units, consideration must be made as to where to place the toilets. When making the decision, there are a couple of things that you should not do that could cause damage to the units or impede the servicing of them.

1.  Putting the Toilets on Ground That Becomes Muddy During Rainstorms

One thing that you should not do when renting portable restrooms for the outdoor portion of the business is to place them in an area where the ground tends to become muddy during rainstorms. While the soil may seem solid in dry weather, when it becomes mud, it can create a couple of issues.

First, the muddy ground will create an unstable surface on which the toilets will rest. Because of the mud, the toilets could start sliding or even partially sink.

Second, when the ground is muddy, the service trucks have a harder time reaching the restrooms. Because these trucks have tanks for sewage and clean water, their sheer weight could cause them to sink and become stuck while trying to clean and restock the units.

2.  Placing the Restrooms in an Area Where They Will Be Inaccessible to Service Trucks

Another thing that you should avoid after the toilets are placed is making them inaccessible to the service trucks. If you place the units in an area where cars park or large items are stored, the person sent to maintain the restrooms will not be able to easily pull the truck up to them.

Since the service person must use hoses to pump out waste and refill the water, they need to have clear access to the toilets. If not, either they will have to wait for you to move the items or you may have to wait for another day if the service person is unable to perform their job in a timely manner.

Making sure that you avoid putting the toilets in a mud-prone area that is inaccessible to service trucks can help you keep the units from moving or sliding while ensuring that the service people can thoroughly maintain them without having to wait for you to move items and/or vehicles around. Speak with a person from a business that offers portable restrooms for more information about what you should and should not do when you rent units for your business.