Products Designed To Keep Gutter Pieces Clean

Your spring and summer outdoor maintenance plan may include removing fallen leaves, acorns, pinecones, and other debris from your home's gutter system. Gutter screens, brushes, and covers are some products that will prevent weighty materials from accumulating in each gutter section, lessening the amount of cleaning that needs to be performed on each gutter section.

Plastic And Wire Mesh Gutter Screens

Plastic and wire mesh products include rolled materials that need to be cut to size and tacked down around the gutter areas that are being protected and framed mesh products that can be sized to form a tight seal over the top and sides of each gutter section. The mesh fabric is flexible but will remain taut when properly secured. 

The mesh size is the length and width of each opening in the fabric and the number of openings that comprise each square inch of the material. Most gutter guard products are designed with small hole sizes. This will prevent many materials from entering each gutter piece. Pine needles and other thin materials may still occasionally wind up inside of the gutters, but the amount of accumulation will be minimal.

Gutter Brushes

Gutter brushes guard against materials depositing along the interior sides or bottom of a gutter system. Thin bristles are grouped tightly together and are arranged along a strip that can be set inside each gutter.

If small rodents occasionally enter the gutter pieces on your home, gutter brushes will prevent them from doing so. The bristles that are attached to a brush section will extend outward. After installing this type of product, the bristles may be level with the top of each gutter section.

Gutter Covers

Metal or plastic covers that contain pre-drilled holes will allow water to enter each piece of a gutter system but will block the majority of other materials from entering each section. Covers include snap-down features and side clips. The top of each cover will rest along the outer edge of a gutter section.

Upon pressing a cover downward and engaging a series of clips, a cover will remain stabilized. This type of product is capable of keeping gutter pieces clean throughout each season. To acquire a perfect fit, write down the gutter system's manufacturer and the dimensions of each gutter piece. Use the information that you have collected to help you select a cover type that will be a perfect match.

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