How Installing A Private Water Well Can Save Your Business Money

Water is an essential part of life. Needless to say, your business is very dependent on it. Most businesses rely on municipal water sources for their facility. However, by relying on municipal water sources, these businesses are missing out on the unique advantages of alternative water sources. One such alternative source of water is a private water well. These wells allow businesses to access water without the limitations, risks, and costs of municipal water, improving water quality and saving businesses money. Fortunately, water well drilling contractors are standing by to assist budget and health-conscious businesses transition to private water wells. Read on below to learn more about how installing a private water well can save your business money.

Installing a Private Water Well Eliminates Your Business's Water Bill

If your business is connected to city water, your business is billed monthly for water and sewer services as well as any applicable taxes and fees. These costs can have a significant impact on your company's bottom line. Fortunately, by installing a private water well, you eliminate your recurring monthly water bill. The only expenses are the upfront installation, energy to pump the water to your facility, testing as little as two times per year, and maintenance. The upfront costs can be reduced by leveraging federal and state tax credits, and the energy, testing, and maintenance costs are negligible relative to a monthly water bill. Additionally, with the average well pump lasting ten years, maintenance costs will be few and far between. All of these advantages add up to significant and long-lasting savings for your business, allowing you to redirect those funds to more productive things than paying a monthly water bill.

Installing a Private Water Well Reduces Your Business's Downtime Risks

City water can be quite unreliable. As city infrastructure ages and deteriorates, the risks of failures like pipe bursts increase. Such an incident could cause your business to go hours or even days without a water supply. At best, this situation would be a major inconvenience to your employees or even your customers. At worst, the lack of a water supply could bring your business grinding to a screeching halt. If your business is in an industry that is heavily reliant on water for daily operations, such as agricultural, textiles, automotive, and industrial, a compromised water supply could result in extended downtime, costing your business a significant amount in lost revenue. Fortunately, due to being independent of city water infrastructure, businesses with private water wells face no such concerns.


While relying on city water for your business may be the path of least resistance, it is far from cost-effective. Fortunately, installing a private water well is a sensible choice for businesses that wish to reduce downtime and save money!