2 Benefits Of Digitizing Your Family’s Old Photos And Video Recordings

When you have stacks of old photos and boxes of old video recordings in your home, you may worry about losing them to damage caused by water or fire. Even if you have hard copies, the originals and the copies will someday start to deteriorate from age.

One solution that you have for preserving these family memories is to have them digitized by a professional. Along with ensuring that future generations have access to them, there are other benefits of using a service that digitizes your family's old photos and video recordings.

1. Allows You to Clear up Storage Space in Your Home

One benefit of digitizing your family's memorabilia is that it allows you to clear up storage space in your home. When photos, videotapes, and DVDs accumulate, you can often end up with a room full of stacks that you cannot move or get rid of.

However, when you take these stacks to a service to digitize them, you do not have to keep the originals if you do not wish to and can either throw or give them away. This is especially true for VCR tapes that are often difficult to watch again because players are hard to find. After having them digitized, you can enjoy them again without worrying about finding a VCR or irrecoverably damaging the tape.

2. Gives You the Ability to Give Copies to Anyone Who Wants Them

Another benefit of preserving your family's media through digitalization is that it gives you the ability to give copies to anyone who requests them. When you only have hard copies, you may worry about lending them out to other family members and never seeing them again.

However, since digitalized photos and videos are stored in a cloud server, you can make copies anytime you wish. If you use a service that allows you to log in and download copies, you can even give a person the information so that they can log in, look through all of the photos and videos, and select which ones they wish to download.

When you opt to digitize your family's media, doing so allows you to clear up space in your home because they are now kept on a single disk and on a cloud server. You also do not have to worry about lending photos and videos out to others and never getting them back because you can send everyone their own copies. For more information, contact a company like Lifetime Media Preservation