Here’s What To Consider When Choosing High-Pressure Pumps

High-pressure pumps are essential for various domestic, agricultural, and commercial applications. They use crankshaft movements to enable the pumping of liquids at high pressure. They are common in equipment such as sprayers for agricultural pest control, car washing machines, air conditioners, and fuel processing plants. They come in different types and designs, with positive-displacement and centrifugal pumps being the most common categorization. Before purchasing one for your application, consider the following factors and consult your dealer to know which one best suits your needs. 

Type of Liquids You're Dealing With 

The first thing you should consider before purchasing a high-pressure pump is the properties of the liquids you'll be pumping so you can choose a pump that produces the correct flow rate for your needs. Liquid properties include things like viscosity, temperature, flammability, and pressure concentration. For example, container pumps are specifically designed to move flammable and toxic liquids without creating a fire risk or harmful effects on users. On the other hand, industries use pistons to power heavy machines with high-viscosity oils. 

Maintenance Requirements

Like any other equipment, high-pressure pumps need regular maintenance to function optimally. Before purchasing one, evaluate the level of maintenance required compared to the nature of your application. Most high-pressure pumps are easy to maintain as they only need cleaning with water and an oil change every few months to prevent clogging and corrosion. However, the frequency of use can affect how often you need to conduct maintenance and repair exercises. The best way to effectively minimize the frequency of repair and maintenance expenses is by asking your dealer to help choose pumps that handle your needs for long periods without a threat of damage. For example, you should be keen to avoid purchasing pumps designed only to handle freshwater if the water you're pumping is salty, as it will result in accelerated corrosion.

Energy Consumption

Energy bills continue to be a big concern in domestic and commercial applications, and high-pressure pumps can contribute a huge percentage depending on your usage rate. If your application requires pressure pumps to run constantly throughout the day, consider energy-efficient options such as hydraulic-driven plungers. Also, you should avoid picking pumps with high energy consumption for small-scale activities.

Take Away

There are many other factors to consider when looking for the right high-pressure pumps for your domestic and commercial applications, including environmental concerns and power sources. Contact a high-pressure pump dealer for more information.