Why You Need a Video-on Policy for Your Virtual Meetings

Holding virtual meetings with your company's remotely located team is an effective way to collaborate on any number of ongoing projects. While there are many different ways that you can structure your meetings, one thing that you should think about is whether your employees should have their cameras on or off. Some people are tempted to keep their cameras off—this can especially be true of those who work in their pajamas or who seldom do their hair and makeup while working at home. Read More 

Benefits Of Utilizing E-Waste Software

If your company is involved in the recycling of old or damaged electronics, then you want to refine these operations as best you can. That's made possible thanks to e-waste software, which will help in several key categories. Shipment Tracking There will be a lot of shipping going on with electronic devices that need to be recycled. You want to stay on top of this shipping because otherwise, shipments could fall through the cracks, and then electronic devices could negatively impact the environment. Read More