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2 Things You Should Not Do When Renting Portable Restrooms For Your Business

If you operate a business that often has employees work or customers visit outside, you may have decided to make things more convenient for everyone involved by renting portable restrooms. However, renting the restrooms involves more than simply having them delivered and placed in your desired location. When you rent the units, consideration must be made as to where to place the toilets. When making the decision, there are a couple of things that you should not do that could cause damage to the units or impede the servicing of them. Read More 

Tips When Using Once Fired Brass With A Firearm

Once fired brass has a lot of advantages over new ammunition, especially in the cost department. If you're going to be using it with your firearms, knowing about this protocol can help you enjoy these used casings a lot more. Find Out How Many Times Brass Has Been Fired The condition of once fired brass casings matters tremendously in how you're able to use them with your own weapon. Once you find a supplier offering once fired brass, ask them directly how many times the brass has been fired. Read More 

Purchase Memorabilia That Features A Vintage Autograph

If you have been researching some well-known people from the past and have been contemplating how to tie a specific celebrity into a gift idea, consider investing in some autographed memorabilia that can serve as a display piece. The recipient of a gift that includes a vintage item and autograph may treasure the one-of-a-kind item. Autographed Items Your child or spouse may have a favorite sports team member who was prominent many decades ago or a loved one may idolize a particular singer who has been famous for the duration of their adulthood. Read More 

Why You Need a Video-on Policy for Your Virtual Meetings

Holding virtual meetings with your company's remotely located team is an effective way to collaborate on any number of ongoing projects. While there are many different ways that you can structure your meetings, one thing that you should think about is whether your employees should have their cameras on or off. Some people are tempted to keep their cameras off—this can especially be true of those who work in their pajamas or who seldom do their hair and makeup while working at home. Read More 

Benefits Of Utilizing E-Waste Software

If your company is involved in the recycling of old or damaged electronics, then you want to refine these operations as best you can. That's made possible thanks to e-waste software, which will help in several key categories. Shipment Tracking There will be a lot of shipping going on with electronic devices that need to be recycled. You want to stay on top of this shipping because otherwise, shipments could fall through the cracks, and then electronic devices could negatively impact the environment. Read More