Use Mardi Gras Beads During A Competitive Event

Use Mardi Gras beads throughout a series of contests that will ultimately determine who the winner of a door prize is. Require that the participants adorn their necks with the beads and instruct them to count up the bead strands prior to presenting their tallies to the person who will be handing over the largest prize of the evening. A Symbolic Adornment If you have ever attended Mardis Gras in person, you realize what type of effect brightly colored beads have on the attendees and the manner in which these adornments tie into a party vibe. Read More 

Coping With Unexpected Grief

Grieving isn't something that people look forward to. Grief is an emotion typically associated with death, but grief can stem from many unexpected aspects of life as well. Coping with unexpected grief is critical to personal growth and a healthy mindset. Individual therapy can be helpful in giving you the tools needed to cope with your grief in a constructive manner. Moving to a New City You might not think that a move to a new city would trigger a grief response, but many people experience acute grief after completing a long-distance move. Read More 

Bail Bonds And Missed Court Appearances: Important Things To Know

When you are stuck in jail and you reach out to a bail bond company for help, these professionals put their own money on the line to help you out. As part of the terms of your release, you will most assuredly be required to return to court at some point. In the event you miss a scheduled court appearance, it can bring about a lot of problems where your bail bond and your freedom are concerned. Read More 

Red Meat Allergy? 7 Signs You May Have Alpha-Gal Syndrome

In 2018, as many as 5,000 people were diagnosed with Alpha-gal Syndrome. For some, it is a mildly uncomfortable allergy to red meat. For others, AGS is life-threatening. In this article, you'll discover the causes, symptoms, and potential treatments of Alpha-Gal Syndrome. Causes and Symptoms of Alpha-Gal Syndrome Alpha-gal Syndrome is a fairly recent discovery of an allergic reaction to red meat and other mammal products. It's currently known to be caused by the Lone Star Tick predominantly present in the southeastern US. Read More 

About Resurfacing Your Bathtub

Resurfacing your bathtub is something that you may not have given much thought to before. However, you may have started to notice lately that your bathtub now looks nothing like it used to. Time and regular use of the bathtub will eventually take its toll on the surface of the tub and when it starts to look like it's in pretty bad shape, it can end up having an impact on how your bathroom looks as a whole. Read More