Modernizing Your Family Business: Tips For You

If you have inherited or decided to join your family business that has been around for generations, you may find yourself dealing with a lot of old-fashioned record-keeping as well as old-fashioned ways of doing business. One of the many things that you may have to deal with in such a situation is trying to modernize your family business and bring your business into the current and modern world. Get to know some of the steps you can and should take to modernize your family business. Read More 

3 Valuable Features For A New Online Guitar Magazine

If you're an avid guitar player, a competent writer, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you might wish to combine these interests and launch your own online guitar magazine. Many people successfully launch online magazines to avoid the hassle and cost of a printed product — as well as cater to the fact that many readers today enjoy diving into their favorite content online, rather than in print. Good quality content and an active social media presence can help readers find you, and one idea to consider is to have recurring features in every issue. Read More 

Why Supply Therapy For All Your Employees?

There are services you provide to your employees that help make them more productive. Health insurance gives them the ability to see the doctor when they don't feel well and to get wellness checks to keep their health in line. Financial benefits help employees save money for retirement and beyond, so they feel secure in their home life as well as their careers. You want your employees to feel confident and content with their jobs. Read More 

Rules For Buying A Boat: Why It’s A Lot Like Driving A Car

When you have worked hard and saved enough money, and you want to buy a boat, you want to be sure that the boat you buy is worry-free for at least a few years. You can shop all the boat dealers you want, but when it comes right down to it, there are some unspoken rules for buying a boat. When you become familiar with these rules, you will find that they are not unlike the rules for buying a car. Read More 

Looking To Use A Warehouse Recruiter? Important Questions To Ask Before Signing A Contract

Finding skilled and trained employees to work in your warehouse is not always an easy task. Certain jobs require the employee to have licenses or certifications to handle the machinery or equipment that you need operated. If you are struggling to find skilled and trained employees, a warehouse recruiter may be able to locate the individuals you need. However, not every recruiting service operates the same. Here are a few key questions to ask before signing a contract with a warehouse recruiter. Read More